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Why Stack Breaker?

The Stack Breaker® Solution

Raise your stack to the height it should be. With a quick pull of the handle – and that's all there is to it – you will instantly reduce your stack height.

Stack Breaker® attaches to the lower portion of your stack. No bolts or clamps – rather a hinged unit secured with a handle. 

Lift the handle and the upper portion of the stack swings down, reducing the total height to whatever level you placed Stack Breaker®. Once the vehicle is back outside the service bay, elevator, or shelter, or once it has passed through the low clearance obstacle, merely swing the stack back into place and secure it with the flip of Stack Breaker's handle.

You no longer need to compromise the advantages of a high stack (cost, time, safety, trailer care, and operator health). If you have been maintaining a high stack at the expense of dismounting it for each low clearance situation, make your life easier.

Invest in the Stack Breaker® solution.


Reduce noise fatigue. The lower the stack, the louder the drone and the more it annoys those in the cab. More significantly, the persistent grating of noise adds stress and fatigue to the driver, requiring more frequent breaks and increasing the risks of accidents. Raise the stack to decrease costs, wasted time, and serious risks.

Reduce Blackening

When the stack is low, the exhaust is thrust along the tailer, constantly coating it with sticky soot. Trailers need to be cleaned more often. Any branding on the trailer is, well, tarnished. Save time and money by cleaning less often, and keep the trailer owners happy that their brand will not be blackened.  Raise your stack.

Reduce Exhaust Inhalation

Operators of tractors and heavy equipment are persistently exposed to exhaust.  Protect their health by raising the stack well beyond the cab.

The Problem of Low Clearances

• service bays    
• low bridges    
• grain elevators    
• barns and similar bldgs

Each time you need to access or pass through one of these, if your stack is too tall, you have to break your stack. This task is neither simple or quick. As a result, many vehicles are fitted with stacks shorter than desired just to avoid these low clearance annoyances.

The only exhaust product on the market that you can adjust fast on the fly!

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